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is engaged in produce export process both as fresh and frozen produce under the brand name "PRIMA FRESH". And if you are among the quality-conscious consumers that also pay attention to the taste of the fruits, please contact us at
Primafresh Trips
1. Our Head Office
2. Durian farm
3. Durian tree
4. Durian flowers (1)
5. Durian flowers (2)
6. Durian before harvest (1)
7. Durian before harvest (2)
8. Durian after harvest (1)
9. Durian after harvest (2)
10. Durian for export
11. Durian in carton
12. Ready for container
13. Frozen durian in market
14. Ginger
15. Ginger product (1)
16. Ginger product (2)
17. Fresh Longan
18. Frozen Longan
19. Mangosteen tree
20. Young Mangosteen
21. Mangosteen in market
22. Pomelo
23. Pomelo in carton (1)
24. Pomelo in carton (2)
25. Products in container (1)
26. Products in container (2)
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