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Pomelo has a very thick skin, light green turning to lemon yellow as the fruit ripens. Inside the fruit are large segments of pulp covered by tough membranes, which need to be peeled off. The flesh, which can be either pale lemon or a lovely strawbe ...
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Mandarins and tangerines are very popular for their sweet flesh and easy to peel skin. In Thailand, the new varieties have a golden-orange color, which makes them quite attractive. They often symbolize good luck and are given as presents at the luna ...
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Rambutan looks like a bright red golf ball covered with whiskery hairs. These hairs are flexible and not sharp. The flavor of a good ripe rambutan is sweet with a mere hint of acid, and it is somewhat juicer than the lychee. It has an oval of whit ...
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The fruit tastes sweet and is very aromatic. Thai mangoes are often eaten green (unripe) with crisp, crunchy and a little bit of sour taste, or the sweetness can be enjoyed from dessert mangoes. Mango slices served with sweet sticky rice mixed with ...
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Jack Fruit is regarded as the largest fruit in the world. It is either round or elongated. The husk of the unripe fruits is green, turning yellowish green when the fruit ripens. A ripe jackfruit is soft and fleshy and has a sweet-sour and very charac ...
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Ripe pinapples have a juicy sweet flesh with just a hint of acidity to make them even more refleshing. Pineapple is not only good raw or cooked in savoury dishes, it also makes good pickles, chutney, and jam as well as delicious juice.
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