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Nicknamed the King of fruits, Durian is ubiquitous for its own unique taste. It has a sweet flavor akin to banana. The fresh is eaten raw, made into cold drinkse and is used to flavor other food items, including soups, ice cream and esoteric chewin ...
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Mangosteen is considered the best. It is widely known as the “Queen of fruits”. The thick woody shell of the purplish-black mangosteen encloses several segments of the most exquisite juicy white flesh, sweet yet slightly acidic. It is considered a ...
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Longan is sometimes called the “Dragon’s eye”. It is spherical and soft, and has a somewhat smooth, thin brownish-yellow skin. The fresh is sweet, white, transparent surrounding the black sphere seed. balance to the rich “heatiness” of the durian.
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Young Coconuts are round and somewhat triangular in shape. They have hard, smooth shiny green husk covering the inner hard shell. Inside the shell, there is sweet fragrant juice and soft, delicious, creamy-white flesh.
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“Ma-Karm-See-Thong” is the name of Golden Sweet Tamarind in Thai language. It is an ancient Thai fruit, which grow in every part of Thailand. But the best ones must come from Petchaboon province. Most tamarinds in the world have a sour test, but T ...
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Lychees grow in large bunches. The skin is covered with small, blunt spikes. When unripe the skin is green, turning pinkish red when ripe. The fresh is white, covering shiny, dark brown seeds. Flavor of the fruit is sweet with a little sour. It ...
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